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polygon Ethereum Binance
polygon Ethereum Binance

Swap Crypto Assets

Generate Rewards

Your One Stop Cross Chain Decentralized Blockchain Platform

What We Offer

Cross-chain Swapping

For Already Existing Tokens

Cross-chain swapping will enable users to swap their CAX and other EVM compatible Tokens across several chains like Ethereum, Polygon, BSC and many more

Cross-Chain Swapping

For Non-Existing Tokens

Tokens not yet available on some specific chain will be easily added on the ChainAnex platform by projects teams or holders

Cross-chain Mining

For Non-Existing Tokens

Users who provide Liquidity to support the Cross-Chain mechanism infrastructure will be able to earn annual rewards and over 35% in fee shares

Cross-chain Trading

Token not existing

ChainAnex allows users to trade coins built on different chains with ease, providing faster and cheaper transactions in one application



  • 1 Month

    Q1 2022

    • Product Inception
    • Business Plan Development
    • Project Team Building
  • Current Stage

    JUNE 2022

    • Token Launch & DApp Development Start
    • Whitelist & Token Presale
    • Community Growth & Partnerships
  • 1 Month

    JULY 2022

    • Free CAX Airdrop for BNB (BEP20) Holders
    • Listings on CoinMarketCap, Coingecko & other platforms
    • 2500% APY Farms launch, CAX single pool staking opens to investors
    • Listing on PCS, SmartSwap & other DEX

  • 1 Month

    AUGUST 2022

    • Listings on Popular Sites & press releases
    • Listings on mobile applications (TokenPocket, TrustWallet, FTX, Bull Wallet, etc)
    • Free Polygon chain CAX token airdrop for early investors

  • 1 Month

    SEPTEMBER 2022

    • DApp launch (Cross swap) on BSC & Polygon, first 2 features.
    • Popular tokens high yield farms additions.
  • 1 Month

    NOVEMBER 2022

    • New chains additions on the DApp
    • 3rd cross chain feature release.
    • ChainAnex NFTs collection launch.
    • Free NFT drop for early CAX investors.


tokenomics tokenomics

Fundraising Allocation

45,000,000 CAX (90%)

Liquidity Allocation

4,000,000 CAX (8%)

Referral System Allocation

1,000,000 CAX (2%)

Our Partners

RGPlaunchpad bscnews binance smartchain defi_news polygon
RGPlaunchpad bscnews binance smartchain defi_news polygon

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Swap Crypto Assets & Generate Rewards. A One Step Cross-Chain Trading & Cross-Chain Farming Solutions

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